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About Us
Caspa is a wealth management company dedicated to preserve the wealth of all its customers. Located in Ra'anana, Caspa provides asset management, investment advisory and comprehensive Family Office services to variant costumers all around Israel.

The company is managed by Shaul Zadka and Ilan Sadoun, managers with proven track and experience of over 20 years, each, in the financial and investment sector.

Caspa operates as a service provider and has no interests in specific financial tools, which allows us to be bias-free towards investment alternatives thus remaining transparent and credible to our clients.

Caspa's expertise includes both the local Israeli market and the international one. This vast knowledge allows our portfolio managers to offer the customers a wider selection of alternatives and flexibility.

Our foremost goal is our customer's needs and desires and this guideline us while making investment and operational decisions as well as providing services.

When we work with, and for our customers, we operate based on these three main principles:
  1. Building a long trusting relationship with our customers
  2. Being Professional
  3. Being honest and transparent